Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I love flowers. All sorts. Tall ones. Short ones. Big bushy ones. Stalky ones. All colors. My inlaws yard is like an English garden. There are flowers everywhere of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are a few I shot tonight. Hope you enjoy them half as much as I did.


Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful flowers Stacie :) I love flowers too

Art said...

Did you say Mom's yard looks like English garbage??? You might be right! But the flowers are nice;)

Vicki said...

Ooooh, photos of flowers at night! Interesting...and really pretty.

Irises are one of my favorite flowers, which is frustrating since they don't grow here in Florida. If you decide to post more pictures of fully-opened irises, that would be fine with me! ;)

Stace said...

vicki - once my father in law saw what I was doing, he told my mother in law to remind him to tell me when the yellow iris bloomed out again so I could make more photos. So, more will be coming. I promise! :)

Art - I would NEVER... NEVER say anything of your mother's looked like garbage!

Shionge - glad you liked them!