Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Isn't it amazing how quickly time passes? I am constantly confounded at how fast the days and months tick by. Here it is and almost half of the year has passed when it seems like we just celebrated the new year. I remember as a child wishing for time to move faster. I couldn't wait for my birthday to arrive or for the end of the school year for the start of summer vacation, and let's not forget the Christmas holidays! And when as a child, older people would warn me not to wish my life away and would tell me that time would pass very quickly once I graduated, I remember thinking they were crazy! Well, let me say here and now I was wrong! They weren't crazy! It's been 17 yrs since I graduated and it seems like it was last year. It seems like my children should still be babies and here I am fixing to be the mother of a teenager. EEEK! It's depressing, but in about a week I will celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the best decision I have ever made in my life! On June 6th 1992, I married my very best friend, my lover, my supporter, my rock, my hero, my everything. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband. Words are not near enough to describe him, nor how he makes me feel. In some ways, it seems like only yesterday. I can only hope that the next fifteen, twenty, or God help us forty years will be as happy as the first fifteen.


Art said...

That guy sounds great! Have I ever met him???

Seriously, thank you for such a sweet post (though everyone realizes it's just your subtle way of reminding me of the anniversary).

Nadine said...

What a sweet post. Time does go quickly...I can't believe my kids are as old as they are.

Vicki said...

What a lovely post! You have echoed my thoughts, Stacie, except that my kids haven't been teenagers for quite a while...and we just celebrated 29 years (I was a child bride and a teenage mother... yeah, right!).

May your future together be filled with God's blessings!

MONA said...

Ah! That is such a sweet thing to say!
Please post your wedding photo for us to see!! :)

Stace said...

Art - you and I both know that you have never needed reminding of any anniversary, birthday, etc.!

Nadine - thanks!

Vicki - thanks! I use that 'child bride' line as well, it works for me!

Mona - I will try my best to find a decent wedding picture and post it, that is if Art doesn't beat me to it!