Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping, part 2

Since the last post was about wrapping paper and seeing as how my wrapping has been commented upon in great detail, I thought I would show a couple of examples of my wrapping prowess.

Now, I've been a bit lazy this year and I've not gone over and above what I sometimes do. In addition, it's been a little hard finding purple ribbons and I've had to conserve, cuz you know it's not one of those "traditional" Christmas colors that one can find in abundance. So, keeping those in mind here are a couple of my wrapped gifts in purple and gold paper that coordinates with my Christmas tree.


Art said...

Nice. The gift recipient will probably need a Sawzall to get into those things! :)

The hardwood floor background looks good too :D

Art said...

Hey, did you take those pics with the new camera or the old camera?

Vicki said...

Very pretty, Stacie!

I used to be accused of using twice as much paper as necessary and an entire roll of Scotch tape for each gift I wrapped. Every seam was completely taped up (no peeking!). Everyone groaned when it was time to open something from me. I'm not quite that bad these days! (Tape and paper cost too much!) ;)

I have an entire bag full of purple ribbons! You should have let me know. I could have sent them to you!