Monday, December 22, 2008


If I could only have five channels on my television, the very first one I'd choose would be SoapNet. Yes, I love me some "stories", especially "General Hospital". SoapNet is a soap opera/drama lover's dream. The last couple of years they've been producing their own programs. They've got a new show starting in January starring Greg Behrednt Greg is a stand-up comedian/writer who has been a consultant with Sex & the City, made appearances on the late night talk show circuit, and even had his own daytime talk show for a minute. He's probably best known as the co-author of "He's Just Not That Into You" and "It's Called a Breakup because It's Brohen". Greg's made a gozillion dollars from those two books and the marketing of them. Apparantly, he's looked upon, by some, as a relationship expert. I'm sure his books have valid points, however I've not read them, but I must say this new show on SoapNet looks interesting. Like a trainwreck, you know, where you just can't help but watch. It's called "Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call".

From what I gather, it seems like Greg is going to counsel with couples and help them with their problems, trying to "wake them up", as it were. to the areas of their relationships that need work. I have one thing to say.... Thank GOD that I don't need his help! While my husband isn't perfect, we do communicate with each other, we do participate in things that the other likes to do, we do have sex more often than once every four years, and he tries to help me with the kids and household chores. I'm constantly dumbfounded by men that just leave everything up to their women and don't interact with their spouses except for "marital relations" or that put themselves first, or don't help do anything around the home. Because my hubby does all those things, I reckon I just assume all men do them. WRONG! I've always heard that a woman marries a man like her father, boy is that ever true! I went from being spoiled by my Daddy to being spoiled by my wonderful husband. Am I Lucky or what? Thanks Honey! And Thank you God for sending him to me!


Art said...

Aw shucks... thank you! And I don't think God sent me to you, I think god sent YOU to ME...

Vicki said...

Art's not perfect? ;)

I love it that when we are listening to God and willing to obey, He puts us exactly where we need to be, and with The Person we need to be with. Doc is definitely God-sent.

(What a cute little song!)

Merry Christmas, Stacie!