Friday, December 08, 2006

RIP John Lennon 1940-1980

I remember the day John Lennon was murdered. At the time, I was a small child, not fully comprehending what John (and the other Beatles) meant to the world. Of course later on I came to understand his impact on society and became a Beatle "fanatic". To the point that I did my demonstration speech for a college class on "how to be a Beatle fan". But I digress, on this day take a moment to remember John Lennon and ponder how we could put his words into action. What if there was no need for greed or hunger? A true brotherhood of man? Nothing to kill or die for?

Rest in peace John.


Art said...


I wasn't quite such a "small child" as you in 1980 so I remember it more vividly than you:)

Carolanne said...

One of my students - who is only 12 years old now, is a huge Beatles fan. In fact, her dad recently brought her a miniature souvenir drum kit which she excitedly brought for show and tell the next day.
I wasn't a small child in 1980 but I only vaguely remember it....
Please forgive me? :)