Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Pics

Here are some pictures taken during our Christmas celebrations. Let me clarify, our Christmas celebrations with my side of the family. My family tradition is Christmas morning breakfast. Apparantly, this tradidition started before I came into this world and has continued. I remember at one point in time, when I was but a small child and the grandbabies were babies, that breakfast was held at 7am. Once more granchildren were born and we begged my dad to put breakfast off til after "Santa" came for the grandchildren, he finally relented and allowed us to eat at 8am. He's an old fogey type that eats as soon as he gets up and gets dressed in the morning, say 6:30am. My son is just like him, by the way. Anyhow, for years I have tried to get him to do "Brunch" at like 9-10am, but he's not buying that. He doesn't even comprehend the whole "brunch" idea, like I said he's old-school, but I love him dearly. Now that we are 24 in number and with my step-mother's children, who number over 40+ we meet for breakfast at our church. Because obviously, it's hard to get 50+ people in one home, unless you have a mansion, which my parents don't, so we meet at Harris Chapel UMC. So, here's my entire family all the brothers and sisters, in-laws and out-laws, neices and nephews, and new great-nephew.


Art said...

Hey, who's the 'giant'???

Stace said...

no giants....just a bunch of short people.