Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hello loyal blog fans....apparantly I was taking a hiatus and wasn't aware of it. WHAT?!? You say? How can you be on hiatus and not realize it? Well, see first I was busy with Christmas preparations at home, then we had several worship services at church which I had to coordinate, and then we got a new computer and I must confess that it has somewhat intimidated me because this keyboard is sooo completely different from what we had, not to mention just trying to get all the stuff off the old one was just overhwhelming, which is why my darling husband got ill with me. He had asked me to get the things I needed to keep off the old one so he could import them to the new computer and to be honest, I was just unsure of what to do. See I am thisclose to being computer illiterate. But I digress. Hiatus is over!


Carolanne said...

Welcome back!

Stace said...

Thanks Carolanne!