Saturday, December 16, 2006

5 Things

As "tagged" by my wonderful husband, here are 5 things you wouldn't know about me.

1. I am the youngest of 4 children, and when I say youngest, I mean YOUNGEST! The ondest is 20 yrs older than me, then the next is 18 yrs older, and the one next to me is 14 yrs older. I was what they call a "WHOOPS" baby. As my father likes to tell as his never say you'll never do something story, as he was walking my sister *the oldest* down the aisle in Dec. 1970-something, he whispered to her, thank God I'll never have to do this in my life again. I was born 10 months later. Whoops!

2. I like to sing in the car. Yes, I'm one of those people who sings to every song on the radio or cd. I can't help it, I've always been that way. As a child, I would use my hairbrush as my microphone and my blanket as an evening gown and pretend I was on some awards show singing and accepting the Female Vocalist award. I had big dreams of being the next "Barbara Mandrell", "Tammy Wynette", or "Dolly Parton". I came close, I one the talent show in downtown Estill Springs, Tn when I was 4 yrs old. The trophy was almost as big as I was.

3. I love cars. Now, I don't mean that I like to build them or fix them. I mean that asthetically I love cars. The different styles, colors, etc. I know NOTHING of what happens under the hood, it's all "greek" to me. But when a car passes, I can tell you what make/model and sometimes what year it is.

4. I am the "funny one". You know how when there's a group of friends, there's the pretty one, the talented one, the atheletic one, and a funny one? Well, I was/am the funny one, or so I've been told.

5. Originally, I wanted to be a travel agent. As a senior in high school, I had decided I wanted to be a travel agent, mainly because I always wanted to travel the world, still do, but it'll have to wait a while. Anyhoo, my Dad wouldn't let me go off to the college I had chosen, so I didn't quite make it. And that's okay because if I had gone, things might not would have worked out with my boyfriend at the time, who later became my wonderful husband.

now....tag yourlseves...


Carolanne said...

My husband was a whoops baby too and I'm glad his parents "slipped up" or whatever they did to produce him. His sisters are 11 and 13 years older than him.
Point 2 is something I really really relate to. I often wonder what other motorists think when they see me in the car, on my own, moving my lips etc....
Great list!

Art said...

I am so glad about that "whoops". Am I'm glad things worked out with that boyfriend of yours:)

By the way, you are also the "pretty one" and the "talented one"! The others must be SO jealous!

Dizzy said...

Hey Stacie!
I see you got my Favourite number there.Boy! I am so glad.Wham has been one of my most favourite too!
WOW! thanks!
I love to hear those things about you. Even I sing in the car ANYTIME.& I love listening to the Radio!..not the CDs , but the radio. The mysterious quality of' which song's comming next' just never fails to delight, don't you agree?
See? whatever happens, happens for the good.Now you have your wonderful husband who will take you around the world [ Art are you listening!] and beautiful children.
Yes, the first one was not a mystery, deducing from the fact that a nephew of a 37 years old sorry...Stacie was getting married and also the fact that a 37 year old had become a 'grand- stacie'
Have a funfilled christmas. May the new year bring you and your familys all the joys you wish for and more.
ps. I wish I could taste that christmas pudding. Is it true that it takes a month to cook???

Dizzy said...

hellooo!..still celebrating christmas???...where are you???
& I have this nasty pneumonia...