Saturday, December 16, 2006

Favorite Christmas Songs

As in the "Christmas Meme" thingy, I listed some of my favorite Christmas songs. Well, it was only fitting that I retrieve some of them from good ole YouTube and share them with my loyal readers. So, sit back, click the button, and enjoy.

First up is: "Do They Know It's Christmas". Recorded in London by "Band Aid" a group of musicians, singers from the UK and a few from America, by Bob Geldog, er that's Sir Bob Geldof to record and raise money to help those starving in Africa. Ironic that tho' this was recorded some 20+ yrs ago, it's still fitting today. Please look over the 80's hair and clothing and listen to the words. How blessed we truly are!

This next one, "Christmas in Dixie", is another of my very favorites. However, I do not like the images that the word "Dixie" conjours up. The word has been misused and misunderstood, and in this case it doesn't really represent the song. Click the link and you'll understand.

Lastly, here's "Last Christmas" by WHAM! I was a HUGE!!! fan of thiers in the 80's. I just loved that George Michael. I always thought he was soo pretty, of course now we know why. He's gay! Oh well, I can still enjoy looking at him. (Sorry honey!)

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Dizzy said...

Hey Stacie...dont think I'm intruding, but if I were you, I wud avoid the last phrase in the parenthesis.Why, should you go 'sorry honey' for something like the eye candy george miachel? If you like looking at someone you like,well its just that!Your honey will love that part about you too, if he really loves you.His love has to be THAT VAST that it encompasses you and all that and who you love...mother in law and all.
You eat the same food everyday, you get fed up with it and once in a while, go to the restaurant. The food there may be worse than what you have at home. But even that is good.At least that makes your home cooked food look better...& the you go back home and you feel so relieved to have that home food again!
So relax, its perfectly okay to give marriage some 'time off', and look at all the eye candy you can lay your eyes upon..after all what were eyes made for, it is better to look at beautiful things than to see the ugly!It is better to be appreciative of beauty of any kind, without feeling guilty or apologetic about it!
In fact such an act wud be very supportive to marriage, because it will make it BETTER.& for BETTER you need a degree of comparision.[pun intented].