Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To Preach or Not to Preach Redux

Sorry I haven't been posting as of late, my mind has been concentrating on the whole "Laity Sunday" thing. It has now been decided that 2 members of my sunday school class and I will be delivering the "message" for that day, meaning that I will not be preaching, but will however engage in dialogue. A dialogue that I have conceived and written. My husband, sweet, supportive man that he is, cautions me that I should submit this "dialogue" to our pastor for his inspection. I discussed this with said pastor and he informed me that that was not necessary. I think the reason my sweet husband wants me to let the pastor read it is because there's a word within the "dialogue" that to some may be profane. As I am not a preacher, my stance is that it doesn't matter what words I choose to use in my "dialogue". And besides, I am trying to get people's attention and make a valid point. Isn't that a great way to get another's attention? I thought so. Anyhoo, it's back to the grindstone as I haven't finished said "dialogue" and I need to get it finished before this weekend as my sweet, wonderful, adoring husband is taking me away to the beach for my birthday. He's a great guy!


Art said...

Yes, the word FAG is definitely going to get their attention!

Stace said...

well, you just had to use that 'F' word, didn't ya? I would explain myself to my loyal peeps here, but since there's only one of you, there's no point.

Art said...

At least I've never used the word from the pulpit!