Monday, October 16, 2006

To Preach or Not to Preach....the Final Edition

Ok, so "they" finally convinced me to preach. "They" being my fellow Sunday School classmates, my pastor, and my nagging husband. Here I am ...

Was I nervous? I didn't think I was, but after spending most of the early morning in the bathroom, I reckon subconciously I was nervous. But, I had planned and prepared the entire service and it seemed to flow seamlessly. Not to brag or anything (cough), but the dialogue went really well. I had more comments at the end of the service and from people that I never expected. I even heard tonight at choir practice that this was the best Laity service we've ever had at Harris Chapel UMC. I'm impressed that they thought so much of it, and to brag again, I feel validated.

And I must say that my husband really didn't "nag" me, he just gently coaxed me. Apparantly, he saw in me the ability to do this and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his support. Thanks Honey!

Now I just have to stave off the demands of the peeps for more...ha, as if. But seriously, preaching is not something I feel "called" to do. I feel it's something I could do if I had to, but I know there are other's that are better suited for it than me (Art, I'm talking to you!). It was definitely an experience, one that I am glad chose to be a part of.

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Art said...

You did a fantastic job! You are right to congratulate yourself. But you sell yourself short when you say that you aren't suited to do this. You are - as much as anyone else! Maybe more.

It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately as I constantly worry about offending someone from the pultit.

You are my new inspiration: I no longer care if someone gets offended at my preaching. I'm gonna tell it like it is (at least like I see it) and let the chips fall where they fall.

Again, great job!