Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Daughter, the DIVA!

This is my daughter, Shelby. She is a DIVA! I do not have any idea where she gets this kind of attitude !
It surely must have come from her father! Anyhoo, Shelby went to her first middle school dance this past Friday evening after school. The theme was "Hollywood" and the kids were asked to dress like celebrities if they chose. So, we chose to take a more "casual" type celebrity look, as oppposed to some of her classmates who came all glammed out. Some of the girls really went all out and as we sat there in the "uber vehicle" watching Shelby work the crowd, Tad would comment on which of the girls was the hottest. Cute! An 8 yr old checking out 13 yr old girls. Oh well, could be worse I guess? So, Shelby had fun and survived her very first middle school dance. Now, we only have the Christmas formal dance to look forward to. Oi Vey!


Art said...

The daughter's diva attitude comes from her mother. The son's habit of checking out girls - now THAT came from his dad!

Susan as herself said...

I just LOVE the J Lo glasses. :)

Carmel said...

a gorgeous diva indeed