Sunday, November 26, 2006

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

How lovely are your branches! Here's our Christmas tree. Yes, it's a small one. Partly because our home is small, but mostly because it allows me to change decorations every year. And since I am a person that likes variety, this works perfectly. This is the first year that we've had a white Christmas tree and personally, I LOVE IT! The decorations appear to be red, but they are in fact a vibrant pink! Now, normally I am one of those people that refuse to put up the tree until after Thanksgiving, but this year since we were going to be out of town I just couldn't bear the thoughts of coming back home after Thanksgiving and not having the Christmas tree up, so I put it up last weekend. And since I'm not one of those folks that take the tree down the day after Christmas, this gorgeous pink tree will stay up until Epiphany Sunday. For you non-Methodists out there, that's January 14th. With the tree up, I think I'm really getting into the holiday spirit. Now, I've just got to compose my Christmas list and get started buying the gifts. Oh vey!


Art said...

It doesn't look pink in the pic! Besides, pink is not a liturgical color... Not yet any way:)

Stace said...

WHAT?!? Pink is not a liturgical color? That's a crying shame. Who do we have to petition to make pink a liturgical color? Wait...don't the pink candles in our advent wreath count?

LutherPunk said...

Actually, there are occasions that the Western Rite of the church calls for rose colored vestments that look pink.

I like the tree and the fact that you leave it up until Epiphany. You could be an honorary Lutheran!

Stace said...

Thanks, LP. That "honorary Lutheran" thing... I don't have to ride a goat or sign my name in blood or anything like that do I? If not, I'm all in!

LutherPunk said...

No, no goats...what do you think we are Presbyterians?!!??! ;-)

We do get dibs on your first born though.

Art said...

As a former quasi-Presbyterian, I resent that, LP!

And the firstborn is already a confirmed UM'er.

As to the 'ride a goat' and 'sign my name in blood' comments, Stacie, you might want to explain a bit. These could be easily misconstrued as some of us are not members of your secret organization!

First the illuminati, then a liberal, and now you're an honorary Lutheran???

Father Wesley is mightily dismayed at you.

You might as well be a Presbyterian!