Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ban Religion?

Elton John says we should ban religion. I don't think this is something that will ever come to fruition, but I can certainly see his point! He's right. Religion has promoted hatred and bias against homosexuals, and also against Hispanics, African Americans, , women, and I could go on and on. Some would disagree with Sir Elton and say that religion doesn't discriminate, but when there are "so-called" religious groups that stand on the roadside and shout "God hates fags" or protest at soldier's funerals claiming that their deaths are our punishment because we have accepted homosexuality, or when shooting at an illegal immigrant attempting to cross the border is considered acceptable, or when keeping an entire race of people enslaved for a century, or when a gender is excluded from teaching, pastoring, sheperding a flock, for no other reason than because of their gender, then one must stop and say "HELL YEAH! religion has promoted bigotry!

Why do we, and by we I mean those of us who are accepting and compassionate towards these groups, allow such things to happen? How can we enact change on the parts of those who are discriminating? I don't have a clue as to how to change people's minds, but I don't think banning religion is the answer. Any ideas?


Art said...

Ban Elton John instead?

Carolanne said...

I read that article too and thought about how our "religion" is supposed to be based on love.
God is love.
Love God, love others.
So I guess the problem is that we've taken our eyes off God, off the person and hated insteawd which is sin, too.
I think its not going to matter what we do, hate is going to be a part of this world and will infiltrate those who let it. Therefore, we need to be recognised as those who love and perhaps love more strongly because there's less of us willing to do that?
Just my 5c worth.

Anonymous said...

put elton john and phred phelps in a locked room together for 24 hours and see what happens