Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

September 11, 2001... where were you? what were you doing? I think everyone in America that lived through that fateful day can answer those questions in detail. It was a day just like any other day, I got up, got the kids dressed, fed them, took Shelby to school and Tad and I were starting our first day at preschool. He, as a student, and I as a preschool teacher. It was such a beautiful day, the sky was a blue like I've never seen before. How ironic, that something so tragic would happen on such a beautiful day. I did not view the towers being hit as they happened. I received word through my preschool director. She told us of the first incident, and we had a prayer for those inside and prayed that it was just a foolish mistake. Of course, when we got word the second tower had been hit and then the Pentagon, we knew. We knew that we were under attack. I cannot describe the fear I felt. I remember calling my husband to check on him and see if he had heard, he had, and the rest of our conversation was mindless chatter. I'm sure those preschool children learned absolutely nothing that first day. Alan Jackson's song "Where were you when the world stopped turning" always gets to me, there's one line... teaching a class full of innocent children"...I pray that we teach our children love and mercy and that something like this never happens again.

Other things I remember:

American Flags everywhere, Wal-Mart sold out
Church Pews packed with worshippers
Kindness shown to others
Watching TV every waking moment
Being thankful for another day with my family



LutherPunk said...

Unfortunately, it appears that we have forgotten already. I asked my wife last night how long it would be before 9/11 was no different 12/7 (the day Pearl Harbor was bombed). I honestly don't think it will be long.

Also, I recently read that there is no appreciable difference between levels of worship attendance pre- and post- 9/11. How soon we forget...

Lala said...

yup people r sad lke dat