Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This chicken is confused...it doesn't know if it's Mexican or not. This chicken cracks me up everytime I see it. It resides in beautiful, downtown Winchester, aka my hometown. My husband has an item about this chicken on his blog as well. Originally, this place was a Mexican style restaurant, then they moved and another Mexican style restaurant was supposed to be moving into this building and then one day, the chicken appeared and shortly thereafter the sign changed. So, we're not sure if we're getting "Buen Dia" or the broaster chicken place. It's been this way over 6 months, so there's no telling what this restaurant will actually be when it finally opens for business. So, why does it amuse me? I reckon I'm just a simpleton that's easily amused.


Art said...

A few observations:

1 - You're not a simpleton, but you are easily amused.

2 - This place has been open for business for months now (though the rooster is new).

3 - Is the chicken/rooster legal?

Stace said...

a few answers:

1 - thanks

2 - are you sure it's open? I never see people eating in there.

3 - legal? not sure, haven't checked it's arse for the USDA stamp.. have you?

Art said...

1 - You're welcome.

2 - Just because people aren't eating there doesn't mean it's not open.

3 - No, but I was thinking INS legal, not USDA legal.

Art said...

4 - I reckin it should be 'who's' instead of 'that's'. Proper grammer be impotrant, y'knows...