Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor Tad

We had some exciting news this last week. A week ago, after some prodding from his Dad, Tad informed me that he had a girlfriend. "A Girlfriend" I shouted. All the while thinking my baby is too young to have a girlfriend already (even tho' he's a handsome devil like his Dad). He shushed me saying "Mom don't say it out loud". We were in our home alone in our kitchen, like anyone else would hear me. Apparantly his little girlfriend, Jaci, is a little forward because as I was told the story she came up to Tad and asked if he liked her, because little Ms. Jaci liked him and they could be boy/girl friend. Well, Tad was all excited about his first girlfriend, and approached Shelby about donating some of her jewelry she doesn't wear anymore so he could give it to Jaci. He found a little ring and gave it to her yesterday and then today... his heart is broken. That little witch broke up with him. Typical female, hold out for the gifts and then dump the fellow. So, Tad is a little down in the dumps tonight. Maybe some brownies and ice cream will cheer him up a little.


Art said...

I knew this would happen. But, you know, I'm glad he's learning early because, like it or not, it WILL happen again. Sorry, I'm in a cynical mood but I wish some little [beep] had broken my heart at his age. Then maybe I wouldn't have walked so blindly into such a fiasco 10 years later!

butterflygirl said...

:( give Tad some ((hugs))

Vicki said...

Get out of that mood, Mr. Cynical.

Poor Tad. Unfortunately, our children have to grow up and suffer through all the growing pains like this.

I'd like to slap that girl that chased my son for too long, too...grrrrrr.

Stace said...

art - that 'fiasco' as you call it wasn't a total waste. it taught you how to really relish and appreciate a good relationship! tho' i am sorry you had to endure it with "her".

butterflygirl - thanks, he'll appreciate them.

vicki - you can slap him all day, but art will always be somewhat cynical. that's what we love about him ;)