Monday, November 05, 2007

Of Course!

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*Hat tip Gavo (who may I add is only Jr. High School level)


Art said...

WTH! Your kind and gentle husband might have also scored Jr. High. - though being an actual college graduate, was wise enough not to post his results.

Art said...

Of course if he had thought to take it a second time, he might have scored at least High School level. Hypothetically, I mean.

Vicki said...

I guess I graduated college too long ago...I scored at the Junior High level.

Perhaps this "test" is slanted toward Blooger...hmmm?

gavin richardson said...

thanks for the throw under the bus.. &:~O

it just means that i write for the masses.. even kids who don't read my blog.

Stace said...

sorry if i stepped on any toes... i just found my scoring ironic since i never graduated college... in fact, i did good to finish my first year.