Sunday, June 17, 2007

We're Back

We're back from the beach and I'm ready to go again. ALONE this time! Well, alone with my husband. Those children about drove me CRAAZY!! But, I did have a very relaxing day at the spa where I enjoyed my very first massage (it was wonderful), a manicure and a pedicure all while Art took those children to the "Track" to ride go-carts, play in the arcade, ride the water bumper boats, miniature golf, and whatever else they wanted to do. Bless him! I have a wonderful husband! I'm sure he'll post a few pictures and maybe I'll get to post a couple here. Now, it's back to the old daily grind. Oh boy!


Art said...

Glad you enjoyed your pampering... But just imagined what you missed!

Hey, did you know that a 40 year old man reportedly got a go-cart up on two wheels at a gulf coast amusement park last week?

That's what I heard anyway;)

Vicki said...

Stacie, welcome back! I know you enjoyed your pampering...I would!

Art, they'll throw you out of the amusement park for stunts like that.

gavin richardson said...

guys are good for those go-cart afternoons. can't believe it was your first spa treatment.. i've even had one of those. &:~)