Saturday, June 09, 2007

Brentwood Bound

For the next couple of days, I'll be representing my church, Harris Chapel UMC at the Tennessee Annual Conference in Brentwood, Tn. This will be my fourth time as HCUMC's delegate and the second time I've been during an election year. At this ann. conf. we will be electing our delegates for General Conference. For you non-Methodists out there, General Conference comes around every four years and it's a time when Methodists the world over convene to decide our ministerial focus, deal with any problems facing our church, and make changes to our Book of Discipline. Of course, this just gives you an idea of what all goes on at GC. Since I've never , been, I can't give you a complete list of what exactly happens during GC. A fellow blogger, Gavin, will be campaigning to become a delegate for GC representing the Tn Conference. Hopefully, he'll be elected. So, I'm off to sit for hours listening to reports, watching videos, singing songs, nudging my pastor so he won't fall asleep, and enjoying the fellowship. Since my wonderful husband hooked me up with a laptop satchel, a wi-fi, and some other computer stuff I'm not exactly sure how to work yet, I'm going to try to blog from conference. So, you'll hear from me on the road.


Vicki said...

Our prayers go with you, Stacie! Our pastors and lay delegates just returned yesterday from our AC - exhausted but enthused!

Enjoy your beach time, too!

MONA said...

have fun :)