Sunday, June 08, 2008


Wow.. it's been a while since I've done any blogging. I've had some comments wondering if I'm taking a break like my husband is, and well, apparantly I am. It wasn't really intentional, but we've been soo busy with all our "construction" projects around the house, and my back went out again and I was down almost two weeks, mix those in with our upcoming beach vacation, and church camp, and you can see we've been some busy folks around here. That being said, I wish you all a pleasant summer and hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging after things around here settle down.

Take care, y'all!


Vicki said...

Oh, man. I really got my hopes up when I saw a new post from you. Those hopes were dashed - dashed, I tell you! - when I found out that it was only to announce that you're taking a blog break, too.

I feel so abandoned.

Seriously...have a great summer and have a ton of fun! I'll be waving as I drive through your town (that's along the scenic route my niece is having us take next week)! I hope your back is much better by now. Doc really messed his up a couple of weeks ago, but two days off work and his back exercises (on land and in the pool) have helped significantly.

Art said...

Blog-ation, babee!

butterflygirl said...

Enjoy your summer too! Tell Art I miss his posts.

Shionge said...

Thanks for the update Stace and I wish you both well and do send my regards to Art too.

You and Art will be missed :D

jennifer said...

It's nice to hear from you! I hope that you all are having a lovely summer.

Be blessed.


Mona said...

Take a breather...we all need one :)

My son has moved to college Stacie!He got admission in an honors graduation course of medical biotechnology!

jennifer said...

Just wanted to tell you that what you said to Art in his Bloggers Block post was wonderful. You are a good wife Stace. Your love, respect, and support came across in one short paragraph. You inspired me to look for some way today to show my husband the same type of courtesy.

Be blessed!


Vicki said...

So...are you ever coming back to blog, or should I remove your link from my blogroll? (I really, really, really don't want to do that.)


Hope life is treating you well!