Thursday, May 01, 2008

Temporarirly Insane!

I feel like I should apply for Law School. I've been helping our daughter with a school project. Shelby's Social Studies class participates in something called a simulation. She's done different "Sims" for different projects, this time it's a mock trial. Shelby was selected as the lead defense attorney (wonder why? Cuz she likes to argue, just like her Daddy ;)) and her client allegedly stabbed his father. As she/we gathered all the evidence from the witnesses, i.e. other classmates, we started talking and decided that since her client had been abused by his father, the only defense she could pursue and possibly win would be an insanity defense. So, we've spent hours wikipediaing forensic psychiatry, child abuse, trial procedures, and criminal law. She knows this case inside and out, she's fully prepared. She and her co-counsel decided that they should project a professional appearance and have even coordinated their clothing, makeup, and hair. They've even gone so far as to borrow an old briefcase of mine to use for all their materials. Shelby has done an excellent job. I might've messed up when I told her I'd be pissed if she didn't win. She thought I meant I'd be pissed at her, I reassured her that I wouldn't be mad at her, but at the stupid people on the jury. Maybe that was wrong of me, but I can't help it, I'm a wee bit competitive. Well, She's done all she can and has worked really hard, I'm sure she'll make a good grade, as usual.

EDIT: Shelby lost her case because those idiots in her class were too stupid to comprehend the insanity defense. That and because the judge in the case was buddies with the prosecutor. Typical, well at least she got an acutal portrait of our justice system!


Art said...

I'm the one who's argumentative???

Am not!

Shionge said...

How interesting Stace, sorry Shelby lost her case but this is a wonderful experience I am sure :)

jennifer said...

TYPICAL! The corruption in the system stinks out loud!

But at least she had sense in coordinating hair and make up. That is a BIG one. :^D

Do you think the ones who won put as much time into it as Shelby or was it really just "who you know"?

Be blessed.


jennifer said...

Just left Art's site and came straight here. Will we still have the benefit of Stace's Blog? Are you breaking too?

I will REALLY miss your husband's Blog and visits to my blog. And you two were the "first couple of Blogland" for me. I loved you two as a couple.

I have to hope that you will still post. I wish only the best for your family and pray God's blessings upon you all.

Would love to hear from you.


Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day Stace!!! Project Runway in July! woohoo!!

jennifer said...

Hello Dahling! I am on a Blog Marathon to visit all of my blog roll buddies to say hi.


And could you pass one of those on to Art too? My husband was asking about Jack Bauer aka Art tonight. He didn't realize Art had retired. Sad. So sad. I had to tell him all about it.

Ok, I'm done.

Come by soon and meet Bear E. White II if you can. Prepare to be charmed.....


Mona said...

Simulation is good way to practice & Improvise! I have done that with regards to Modes of Communication In Drama!

I am sorry Shelby lost her case! I guess the lesson to be learned here is about how important team work is!

Shionge said...

Hiya Stace, Just wanna send my greetings to you and Art. Hope both of you are fine & well and just like you to know that you are on my mind always :D

Happy Memorial Day pal!

Vicki said...

So, are you taking a blog hiatus, too? I just wanted to check in to be sure that all is well with you and Art. It sure seems strange to have all of that silence coming out of middle TN. Enjoy your summer! (When are you heading to FL?)

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Nadine said...

Corruption in the system? Say it isn't so...I'm sure she did a great job and if it was a real jury she would have one. Some kids would not attempt to do what she did. I think it's great.