Friday, February 22, 2008

Recipie for Me

The Recipe For stacie

3 parts Flirtation

2 parts Love

1 part Panache

Splash of Boldness

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Yeah, I'd say that's about right.

Hat tip: Jen


Art said...

Yep, I'd say that's about right. I might double up on the panache and add just a pinch of "brutally honest" but, yeah, otherwise, spot on.

Vicki said...

That looks about right to me! I "grabbed" my recipe, too, and I think it's very accurate:

3 parts Power
2 parts Magnetism
1 part Genius

Splash of Sass

Sip slowly on the beach!

Thanks! That was fun!

Mona said...

3 parts Passion
2 parts Fearlessness
1 part Brilliance

Splash of Nonconformity


I must say the nonconformity part is real at least!

Hope you and the family are doing well Stace!

jennifer said...

The most accurate one that I saw was the one I did for my Mom. She had 3 parts POWER....yeah control freak is about right!

I like the Hat tip phrase. That is a cool turn of words. Jen