Wednesday, February 20, 2008


There are lots of connotations and meanings for the number 18. In mathematics, it's a semiperfect number and in religious circles, specifically Judiasm, The Hebrew word for "life" has a numerical value of 18. According to Chinese tradition, the number 18 means prosperity. In our country, the age eighteen signifies being "of age", meaning that eighteen year olds have the right to bear arms, own property, marry without parental consent, get an abortion, donate their body to science, and serve on a jury (just to name a few).

So, what's the significance of the number 18? Well, it just so happens that eighteen years ago this month, I met the man to whom I would commit my heart, life, and soul. To stop and think that eighteen years have gone by since we first laid eyes upon each other is astounding. I'll never forget that evening. It's permanently etched in my memory. He was the epitome of everything I'd ever said I wanted in a boyfriend. See I had always had a thing for blondes and I'd even said that I'd marry a guy with blonde hair and green eyes, boy was I cocky or what? And yet there stood this tall, blonde, green eyed god. One look and I was gone. Of course I thought he would never be interested in me, cuz you see he was a college boy and I was just a high school teenager. Then when I found out days later that he was indeed interested in me, I was on cloud 9 for days. Well, here we are eighteen years later and he's just as handsome to me now as he was back then. He's still exciting and things only get better every day. I'm truly blessed.


Art said...

I love you!!!

Art said...

Oh... I meant to add that I had though about writing a post on the anniversary of our first meeting this year but the specific date seems to be less important as the years go by.

I'm just glad Lee talked me into going to that lame party;)

Vicki said...

Aw, how sweet! What an ego-booster! I'll bet Art's walking around with a puffed-up ego now! ;)

This made me think again how I can't remember the details of meeting Doc for the first time, but I probably thought he was a yukky boy. We were in first grade together! Now, that's knowing someone for a loooong time!

Happy Anniversary of your meeting!

butterflygirl said...

How awesome!

jennifer said...

I wish I had a love at first sight story with my guy. We have a nice story and a fell in love quickly story, but not at first sight. His is a slightly different telling because he remembers the first time he saw me and I didn't see him inside the car with the BLACK TINTED WINDOWS WITH AC/DC CRANKED UP ON THE STEREO! I was probably running for my life!

The first thing that I noticed about hubby that really made me go HHMMMMM was his walk. Cocky is not even a good enough word for how he could walk. MMMMmmmm happy thoughts.

It was obviously like a lightening bolt for the two of you cause the love comes through the PC. The fact that you guys are able to flirt and talk about and to each other through your blogs is really sweet. God meant for it to be that way. He created us for it. He not only told us to be fruitful and multiply, He made it fun. gave us Song of Solomon to prove it is supposed to be fun! Have a happy day and happy 18th to you both - Jen