Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy Notion

My husband has this crazy notion. He's of a mind that if a word, say a slang word for instance, is in the Bible, then it's okay to use said word. Case in point, the word ass for example. My dear, sweet husband says that because this word is used numerous times in the Bible, that it's okay for him to say it, and say it, he does. Now, before you get the wrong idea, he's not a regular cusser. I mean, he doesn't use curse words often, neither do I, or we try very hard not to, but occasionally they slip out. And when they do, he's always careful to only utter those that are in the Bible (in front of the children anyway), therefore, he uses the above notion as justification.

Now, let me tell you what happened this week. Tad was in the kitchen, doing something he wasn't supposed to, I'm sure, when I hear him use the "A" word.

Shelby hollars at me, "Mom, Tad used the "A" word".

"Tad, you're not supposed to use words like that", his sister and I say simultaneously.

"So what, Dad says it's okay 'cuz it's in the Bible".

Thanks, Dad!


Art said...

But... did he use the word "ass" as it is used in the Bible?

Vicki said...

Ah, kids.

When my children uttered a word they weren't supposed to say (Biblical or not!), they were marched to the upstairs bathroom where I kept a very nice bottle of liquid soap that I used for washing their little mouths out. It takes a lot of rinsing and spitting to get rid of liquid soap bubbles!

Art, you are the Dad. Behave and set a good example for those children!!! ;)

Art said...

There's nothing wrong with using the word "ass" as long as it is in reference to a donkey:)

Vicki said...

Yes, but how can we be sure that you're talking about a donkey when you use that word? ;)

Art said...

It's all in the context. If I say, "Go thou, slay that Philistine with this jawbone of an ass." Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Likewise, "Kiss my..." isn't about a donkey, LOL.

Vicki said...

You're so funny, Art!

butterflygirl said...

Gotta love how kids think.