Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is a Hoot!

As I was surfing the net tonight and catching up on reading blogs (now that I have my glasses and can actually read them), I came upon this quiz at The Methoblog. Here are my results. Isn't this a hoot! I got a huge laugh from this.

You scored as Art Ruch.

You are Art Ruch! You're the only person to score as "Modern Liberal" in the Theological Worldview Quiz. Your prize is a new Volvo.
Art Ruch 75%
Lorna Koskela 67%
Abi Carlisle-Wilke 58%
Keith McIlwain 50%
John the Methodist 33%
Allan Bevere 33%
Jonathon Norman 17%
Theresa Coleman 8%
Gavin Richardson 0%


Vicki said...

Uh, methinks you've been around the big guy too long. ;)

gavin richardson said...

you scored high Lorna.. that puts you in good company as i have seen. you also scored really low gavin.. that is for your betterment

Art said...

Anyone notice that everyone scores low Gavin? I mean, Gavin is only 92% of himself!

Actually, that's higher that I scored as myself!

Come to think of it, both Vicki and Stacie are more Art Ruch-ish than is Art Ruch.

I don't know, I think there's an error in a calculation somewhere...

Vicki said...

Art, I think there's a trick question or two in there. We've all got a lot of Lorna and little-to-no Gavin in us. Maybe that's John's way of saying something...? Gav, are you listening?

As for the high-Art scores, I dunno about scares me. Maybe it's significant that I scored high as John-the-Methodist-zombie-fighter.

Lorna said...

just found this today (months late) but what a laugh :)