Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Tis the season when folks start making resolutions, those they'll keep for a week or two, and then by the end of the month, they're broken. I don't make resolutions. Never have. Now, I do understand the desire to start the new year fresh, to give up bad habits, to start living a healthy lifestyle, and heal relationships. Looking at the new year full of hope, promise, and possibilities is the impetus for some to make those resolutions. That being said, I'm going to begin this new year as I have every year.. with a positive attitude. Seeing each day as a gift, not sweating the small stuff, not worrying over things I cannot control, and enjoying every precious moment with my dear, sweet husband and children. I encourage all my blog friends to do the same.

Now for your listenting and viewing pleasure, here's some encouragement.


Art said...

"Don't you just lurve Bobby McFerrin?" In a word, um, no! I mean in the realm of insipid, vapid, puerile and annoying performers, he's near the top. I hear he's now running a 7-11 in Albuquerque!

Happy New Year!

Vicki said...

I quit making New Year's resolutions years ago...they were usually unrealistic and unattainable. The self-improvement type changes that stick are the ones we work at every day, all year long, and I'm not very good at making any of those self-improvement changes stick!

Instead, like you said, the positive-thinking is the way to go. Waking up each morning and seeing the day and its experiences as a gift from God does wonders for our attitude. It's gonna be a fantastic year! (See, I'm being optimistic!)

jennifer said...

LOVE this. Have you ever heard Bobby McFerrin do The Wizard of Oz? Very cool and very talented. I guess I am easily amused! Jennifer