Monday, December 10, 2007


I. Love. Dolly. Parton. I think I've said this numerous times on this here blog, but I absolutely love her. She was my role model as a child. I wanted to be her, or at the least be her daughter. I thought she was the prettiest little thing and her voice was like that of an angel, simply beautiful. My aunt always told me while I was growing up that "Pretty is as pretty does" and that suits Dolly. Not only is her appearance beautiful, but her soul is as well. She has revitalized the area where she was raised and has continued giving back to that community and to our state. She's known affectionately as "the Book Lady" for her reading and book program that gives every newborn child a book a month for the first five years of their lives. This program, Imagination Library, started in Sevierville, Tn is now in 36 states, Canada, and 566 other countries around the world. So, this little Tennessee mountain girl has done good. These are but a very few of her songs I love.

Christmas Without You

I"ll Be Home With Bells On

Hard Candy Christmas

I Believe in Santa Claus


Art said...

I hate Dollie ;)

Vicki said...

Aw, Art.

I love Dolly, too. When you throw in Kenny's voice...*sigh*

Great song picks, Stacie!

Beth said...

Did you watch Project Runway last night? I love Chris!! I'm so glad he's back and that he didn't get kicked off again, even tho that top and skirt he made was butt-ugly! And I love how catty Christian is!!

jennifer said...

Good Grief, Dolly too? Yep. LOVE HER! I've read her bio, bought her music, and now I want to visit her 'wood'. Been to Dollywood once before but I was younger and I would appreciate it more now! Jennifer