Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I like poetry, however, I am not one to contemplate it, nor do I even attempt to understand all the symbolism, hyperbole, metaphors etc. contained within the poem. Possibly, it's because my reading comprehension is total crap, or that I'm just not a "deep" person. But I do appreciate a limerick, or a sonnet, rhyme, song, or verse. That being said, here's a poem written by my brillant teenage daughter. (she takes after her mother, of course)

A Poem

Blowing in the wind
green and grassy far
over hills and through the field

running, running fast
away from nothing
away from everything
maybe something, maybe nothing

now it's getting dark
running, running back
scared of something
scared of nothing
maybe something, maybe nothing
scared, scared of everything

Shelby Ruch


Art said...

OMG - When did she start writing poetry???

Vicki said...

I'm not any type of "authority" on poetry, either. I like it simple and understandable - if it's deep and "meaningful," chances are I either won't like it or won't understand it. However, I like this...and sometimes I can identify with the "running" and "scared of everything."

Thanks for sharing a bit of Shelby's creative side!

Shionge said...

Very very nice :D