Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Aren't birthdays wonderful? I think so, especially when it's someone else's birthday and not my own!! Well, my darling husband will be celebrating one of those "milestone" birthdays in about a week and 3 days. Which one? Well, Art will be the big 4-0! He's very excited about it, not nearly as excited as I am. Why? Because I have very special plans for him. I won't share these plans with anyone because, well because it's top secret! I know he's somewhat nervous about what I have planned and for good reason. As I reflect over all the things I've done to my siblings and friends on their 40th and 50th b'days, it's not pretty. Let's see, I've hung black balloons on my sisters front porch and mailbox, mailed my brother an 'over the hill' mug, put road signs on three roads announcing my other brother was 50 in addition to placing a funeral pall with black spray painted flowers on his lawn, I've made a "grave" with a headstone for another friend, decorated a wheel chair...ok, well I think I've told enough. As I said, Art has plenty of reasons to be nervous, but as I've told him, his surprise is soo totally NOT what he's expecting. I so cannot wait for next weekend, so people please be sure and wish Art Ruch a Happy 40th Birthday on Friday, March 30th.


Art said...

I joke about it but I'm not really nervous. I know you're not going to do anything that will upset me. It's more of a curiosity thing...

Art said...

Oh, I almost forgot... 30th birthday. Thir-tee-uth. Not 40, 30!

3 times 10.

I was born in 1977.

The year Elvis died.

And Bing Crosby.


Vicki said...

Yeah, Art, like we're gullible enough to believe that. In fact, I believe it's written someone in the comments on your blog (or is it mine?) where we discussed turning 39 (I hated it and you said it wasn't so bad)...so, there's written proof somewhere that you said it! You will be FORTY!

Keep this up and you might find me cheering Stacie on for whatever she's concocted for your big day, and generally, I'm opposed to "meanness" on events that usually make me cry. ;)


Stace said...

Waiting for lightening to strike any moment.... isn't there a commandment ...thou shalt not lie or something to that effect? God will surely smite you for this.

Shionge said...

Hahahha...thank you Stacie for informing me about Art's coming birthday :)

That is really interesting the way you celebrated other's birthdays.

Stace said...

shionge - it's not so much about celebrating the birthday as it is pointing out to that person that I'm soo much younger than they are. I know, I mean..I can't help it, it's soo much fun... ha!