Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My father has had yet another stroke this evening. All that can be done is being done. I fear that his condition is going to steadily decline until... well, the end of his life on earth. For some odd reason the other day, I had a thought about his funeral and whether or not he wanted the service at our church. This thought was immediately followed with another. What if he were to pass on my mother's birthday, which is Feb. 9th? Now I don't believe in "the fates" as it were, but now that he's been struck with these health problems, the fact that I had these thoughts at all bothers me tremendously. I realize that one cannot control all our thoughts, but why would these particular thoughts come to me?

Again, your prayers are much appreciated.


Art said...

I share your concerns of course but it is YOU I'm most concerned about right now. I'm praying for Pa and for YOU. I love you!

Deepak Gopi said...

Our prayers are with him.He will be fine soon

Vicki said...

Stacie, Art is right. You are in my prayers, as well as your father. The uncertainty is so hard, but the certainty of what comes after this life is awesome. Whatever happens, God is right there with you. We will keep praying.

As for your random thoughts, don't worry about them. Our minds are silly things (we're human, after all!). They can go off on some pretty strange tangents. When a stray thought pops into your mind, just take a deep breath and breathe the name of Jesus.

May you have peace.

Susan as herself said...

Your thoughts are thoughts, that is all. They grow fast and wild and unearthly in stressful times like this. Do not beat yourself up for reacting as a compassionate human being. Know that we are all behind you, and wishing you strength and wishing your father peace.

Remember my favorite saying: Everything will be alright in the end. Otherwise it's not the end.

As I said in Art's blog, I will light a candle tonight, and send good thoughts from Chicago. Take care of yourself too!

Vicki said...

Stacie, I'm still praying for your father...and for YOU.

Yokooso said...

Yes perhaps it is the Holy Spirit intervening and coming into your head, and into your thoughts!!!

Jesus, please assist Stacie right now, thank-you for the time on this earth you have given us. I pray that we would use it to the best of our ability. Thank-you for the new earth that awaits us! I pray that we would be content with the stage of life we're in. Oh Holy Spirit please move in us today, right now, Lord you have all POWER and GLORY forever and ever AMEN~ Comfort.
"My peace I leave with you, not as the world gives..." How does Jesus say this now in the New Testament? I couldn't find it at Biblegateway...sorry~ but I think you get the idea, right?

K toodles and shalom out

GOD IS POWERFUL!!! And He knows what's best, remember that~

Yokooso said...

WOW CRAZY!!! That is that God was speaking to you and that He did go to sleep until the new earth on your mom's birthday, how sweet!

I can't wait till this earth is destroyed so that God creates the new one, paradise, so that all of us that are sleeping will be woken up to dance and sing and especially to swim in the Crystal Sea, can't wait to see you there...

Let's party!!!

Vicki said...

Stacie, although our prayers are always answered, most of the time they aren't answered the way we would hope. We've been praying for your father, and God gave him the perfect healing. My prayers for all of you will continue - may God give you comfort and peace at this time. I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Carolanne said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. It's not easy when we are left behind by a loved one. We miss them so much but I'm praying God will give you His strength and comfort at this time.